Since my first photographic work, I’ve felt the urge to combine and to try out technics. If my artistic projects exploit mixed-technics (videomapping, lightpainting installation, 3D creation…), my casual photography and documentary approach (reportage, portrait, studio…) rely to traditional methods to lead to a more conventional production. My artistic process questions the perception of Others on their environment and rests on two distincts sides. On one side, my pictorial research through visual plastic photography is brought to life by creating universes in the night and the darkness, in order to get rid of the real world, freely able to propose my own vision of an alternate reality. On the other side, my experimental researches aim at using mixed-technics by the meanings of interdisciplinary and multimedia projects. 



 Since several years and in parallel of my artistic projects my usual work develops itself more and more in the scientific field, especially for the photograph of patrimonial artifacts and of photogrammetry for scientific purposes. Collaborations with museums and cultural heritage collections – and their issues – have enriched my work process and broaden its wingspan. 

Florent Perris