"My photographic production revolves around a central theme: Humanity. I aim to map Humanity in all its states, from contemporary human beings to their archaeological traces. Through my portraits, I seek to highlight often underrepresented classes in our society. A portion of my visual production is more artistic, inviting others to discover a glimpse of my universe composed of dreams that lead to a unique kind of journey. I strive to imbue an epic visual dimension in my work, characterized by vibrant colors and deep blacks, hence the use of artificial light in my photography.

Why do we do things? Photography, to me, is the most beautiful testament to memory. From the memory of a life to the testimony of time that is and is no more. I attempt to showcase the person who makes up Humanity, the person of yesterday, today, or even tomorrow. I also love photography for its plasticity, for its ability to tell stories. I enjoy storytelling, not with words but through images, allowing each person to invent their own story. I also like to rethink the world by presenting it as I see it—brighter, more contrasting, but above all, timeless. Having the opportunity to step out of time for a moment, that is my reason for photographing."


Florent Perris